22 Bowen Street, Queenstown

22 Bowen Street, Queenstown


Single only room in upstairs part of VILLA on 22 Bowen Street. 500 meter from FRESH CHOICE. UnlimitedvWIFI, Weekly clean, Queen bed, garden.

All Rent-a-Room properties are non-smoking and pet-free.
Total Occupants: 8

Males: 5
Females: 3
Couples: 2
Age range in the house: 23 to 28


Bedrooms #: 6
Bathrooms #: 2
Toilets #: 2
Showers #: 2

Water and Heating:

Water Heating: Gas heated – (Never run out of hot water)
Shower Pressure: Great
Heating: Econo Wall pannels


Kitchen equipment supplied: Pots and Pans, Cooking Utensils, Cutlery, Oven, Electric Stove-top, Fridge, Freezer, Toaster, Microwave, Food Processor, Multiple Fridge/ Freezers
Entertainment supplied: TV, DVD player, BBQ with gas bottle, Freeview Satellite TV

Parking and Storage:

Parking spaces: 5
Off-street parking: 5
Garage: No
Storage for bikes / skis / boards etc: Not much available sorry

Cleaning and Rubbish Disposal:

Rubbish Day: Thursday
Cleaning: Support of weekly cleaning – no extra charge
Laundry: Washing Machine, Dryer, Outside clothes line, Drying racks
Internet: at additional cost

Amenities in the area:
Additional Info:

Great villa with people from all

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Tenancy Conditions

Our standard accommodation agreement requires you to be a considerate flatmate.

All agreements are subject to the following terms and conditions:
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